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Softbox Reflector

Softbox Reflector

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MagMod Basic Kit

The bare necessities, one kit for each flash. Light control has never been easier.Features : ● ..

HK$698 HK$640

MagMod MagSphere

The MagSphere is a beautiful, omni-directional flash diffuser that gives you the best looking light ..

HK$420 HK$380

Aurora Deflector For Firefly II Φ15cm Silver ( SKU:DFS 15 )

DFS15 is an optional deflector for Firefly II series.With this?deflector mounted on the centre&..


Aurora Firefly Par Softbox Φ85cm ( 33") Silver ( For Aurora/Bowens ) ( SKU:FPO 85 BW )

Firefly Par uses the patented umbrella mechanism which allows instant set up and collapse. Unlike ea..


Aurora Strip Softbox 30x120cm ( 12x47" ) Silver ( SKU:LBD 312S )

The long and narrow form of this type of light source makes it useful in crucial lighting situations..


Aurora Tera Louver For Terad 90 Ø90cm ( 35” ) ( SKU:LUVT 90 )

Aurora louver directs light onto the subject at 50˚ and maintains light quality while reducing light..


Aurora Terabox Diffusor Set For TERA 100 ( SKU:FST 100 )

Front diffuser for the giantic Terabox requires 200cm or wider translucent fabric and it i..


Aurora Terabox Diffusor Set For TERA 75 ( SKU:FST 75 )

Front diffuser for the giantic Terabox requires 200cm or wider translucent fabric and it i..


Broncolor 40 Degree Light Grid For Para 133 Parabolic Umbrella ( 33.232.00 )

The Broncolor 40 Degree Light Grid is specially designed for Para 133 Parabolic Umbrella.Specificati..


Broncolor Beauty Dish Bag ( 36.516.00 )

The Broncolor Beauty Dish Bag provides storage and protection on the road for the 20.4" beauty dish...


Broncolor Diffuser Filters For Softlight Reflector P ( 33.310.00 )

If the light output from Broncolor's Softlight Reflector isn't soft enough, clip this device onto th..


Broncolor Softlight Reflector For "Ring Flash C" ( 33.123.00 )

The Broncolor Softlight Reflector for the Ring flash "C" softens and broadens the light output. It p..


Cactus F-602 Fiberglass Black/Silver Reflector Umbrella 60"

Designed to reflect and bounce the flash light onto the subject, Cactus F-602 expands the size of th..


Godox AD600Pro Reflector ( AD-R9 )

This Reflector from Godox is a spare or replacement part for the AD600Pro Witstro outdoor flash. It ..