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Broncolor Honeycomb Grids For P65 P45 And PAR Set Of 3 Pieces ( 33.206.00 )

This Broncolor Honeycomb Grids for P65, P45, PAR Reflectors - Set of 3 package provides be..


Broncolor Honeycomb Grids For P70 Reflector Set Of 3 Pieces ( 33.207.00 )

This is a 3 grid set designed to fit the Broncolor P70 reflector. The grids provide beam spreads of ..


Broncolor Light Grid 40° For Softbox 30x180cm ( 1x5.9 ft ) ( 33.589.00 )

The 40° Soft Light Grid from Broncolor controls light beam spread and avoids unwanted light scatter...


Broncolor Litestick Flash Head ( 32.451.00 )

The Broncolor Litestick is a rod-shaped specialty flash head that stays cool, so it may be concealed..


Broncolor Litos Lamp Head ( 32.030.XX )

Broncolor Litos lamp head is a multifunctional lamp with heat resistant, fibre-glass reinforced and ..


Broncolor MobiLed Daylight Adapter ( 36.129.00 )

Great for video-capable DSLRs, the Broncolor MobiLed Continuous Light Adapter (CLA) allows the MobiL..


Broncolor MobiLED Lamp Head 1600J ( 32.113.XX )

The Broncolor 1600 watt/second Unilite flash head has a sturdy aluminium housing grip, and bayonet m..


Broncolor MobiLED Lamp Head 3200J ( 32.114.XX )

The Broncolor 1600 watt/second Unilite flash head has a sturdy aluminium housing grip, and bayonet m..


Broncolor MobiLED Lamphead ( 32.013.00 )

Made to match up with the A2L power pack, the Broncolor MobiLED Flash Head has a 1,600W/s rating and..


Broncolor Mobilite 2 Lamp Head ( 32.012.00 )

The Broncolor Mobilite 2 stuffs 1600 watt/second handling into a very compact head. Hardly larger th..


Broncolor Mobilite/Picolit Adapter For Satellite Evolution ( 35.214.00 )

This adapter allows a Pulso flash head to mount to the Broncolor Super Boom.Specifications :● Packag..


Broncolor Modification Kit Ringflash C For Para 88/133/177/222 ( 36.140.00 )

The Para 88 Ringflash C To P Modification Kit from Broncolor allows you to modify the Ringflash C co..


Broncolor Move 1200L Protective Bag ( 36.520.00 )

The nylon Weatherproof Soft Case for Move Battery Powered Pack from Broncolor is custom fitted to th..


Broncolor Move Battery Bag ( 36.522.00 )

The Broncolor Bag is specially designed for Move Rechargeable Battery.Specifications : ● W..


Broncolor Narrow Angel Reflector P45 ( 33.104.00 )

Broncolor narrow angle reflector, slightly textured open reflector, optimised for Pulso G, Unilite a..